Clovertree CBD Balm

Spa Habitat Launches CBD Spa Services and Products!

CBD Spa Services – Now Available!

Spa Habitat is now offering spa services featuring Clovertree’s CBD Relief Balm for an amazing boost of pain relief and relaxation!  Try our new Mellow Out CBD Massage or add on CBD balm to targeted areas with any massage, facial, body ritual or foot ritual!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CBD? CBD is an ingredient found naturally in the hemp plant, widely known to provide pain relief and relaxation, and help with stress, anxiety and insomnia.
  • Which CBD product does Spa Habitat use in its services? We use Clovertree’s CBD products in all of our services and add-ons.
  • Where is your CBD grown? Is it organic?Our CBD products are made from industrial hemp cultivated from a federally-compliant organic farm in Colorado.
  • Does your CBD contain THC? No. Our CBD is 100% THC free, as proven by third party tests. THC is the psychoactive ingredient found in all varities of the cannabis sativa plant. Our CBD is cultivated from industrial hemp which naturally contains a very small trace amount of THC (<0.3%), but even the trace amounts of THC are removed from our products prior to use.
  • Do you use a CBD isolate or a full spectrum CBD extract? We use a “Broad Spectrum” hemp extract that includes CBD plus several other beneficial terpenes from the hemp plant, including CBC, CBN and CBG.
  • What strengths are available? Clovertree’s CBD Relief Balm is currently available in 250mg and 750mg strengths (each in a 2 oz. jar) and are available for purchase at any Spa Habitat location.

organic facials

An Esthetician’s Favorite – Organic Facials

organic facials

Featured Service: Botanical Buff Microdermabrasion Facial

Featured Product: Cape Jasmine Youth Serum

Featured Esthetician: Allie from Spa Habitat Legacy

We believe the best way to learn about our services is from the people that perform them. We have a number of organic facials, body wraps, hand and foot treatments and, of course, massages to choose from. It would be fabulous to go down the menu and try every single one of them and we obviously encourage that method. But to save you time, we turned to Allie, an esthetician in our Spa Habitat Shops at Legacy location in Plano. We asked what is her favorite service to perform and her favorite product in the Clovertree collection?

“My favorite service to perform is hands down our Botanical Buff. This is an organic facial, just like all of our services. But this one is a microderm treatment, which is a form of mechanical exfoliation that can be used to manage various skin concerns such as hyper-pigmentation, melasma, fine lines and wrinkles, textured skin, clogged pores, etc. It helps to increase circulation, cellular turnover rate and the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. The Botanical Buff incorporates our outstanding organic Clovertree products into a results-driven facial.

This is one my clients truly see results with, especially when they come in monthly. This facial isn’t for every skin type so I always suggest a thorough consultation with your esthetician. As for product, I typically incorporate our Cape Jasmine Youth Serum into this facial because it lifts and firms the skin as well as deeply hydrates. I like to call it my “liquid Botox”! So if you are interested in aging gracefully and naturally, definitely come by and check out this facial!!!”

Thanks, Allie!

PS – I’m heading to pick up some “liquid Botox” tomorrow!

Best of Plano 2018 – Best Day Spa

It was an absolute honor to be nominated for Best Day Spa by Plano Magazine’s Best of Plano 2018; however, it is an even greater joy to share with you that we WON!!! A huge thank you to our Spa Habitat Family (that’s all of you) for voting for us and sharing how much that you love and support us.

Spa Habitat was initially created to fill a void in the organic spa market. We believe in what we do and the benefit of living an organic lifestyle. We strive to create the best and cleanest products and services for you. We are eternally grateful that you, too, believe in us and have received us with open arms.

We are living our best organic life right alongside you. Thank you, again, for voting for us and showing us that you believe we are the Best Day Spa in Plano, Texas.