Farm to Spa® Waxing Services

Spa Habitat provides a unique, award-winning Farm to Spa waxing experience, filled with custom relaxing and organic touches throughout.

You’ll begin in our relaxation room, where you’ll receive a warm herbal pack (filled with lavender and flaxseed) across the neck and shoulders and a complimentary spa beverage (your choice of seasonal spa water, organic hot tea, or even a shot of kombucha) while you fill out some light paperwork. Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes early to allow ample time to enjoy this experience.

An esthetician will greet you to begin your waxing service. Spa Habitat uses two pure and natural hair removal products:

– a 100% certified organic sugar (ingredients: Sugar, Chamomile, Lemon, Water, and Pure Essential Oils)
– a pure and natural wax (ingredients: Natural Beeswax, Pine Resin, Essential Oils and Lanolin)

Our hair removal products will not only remove unwanted hair, but will leave your skin exfoliated, smooth and hydrated. Both of our products use the traditional strips (we do not use the “ball” sugaring method). Sugaring and waxing are both effective and pure hair removal methods, each providing unique benefits based on the size of the area involved, the detail required, and other factors. Our expert esthetician will consult with you to find out which hair removal method is best for you.

After your service, your esthetician will meet you at the Remedy Bar to recommend beautiful organic spa products to help extend the spa experience to the home and help relieve your skin from any post-waxing irritation.

Waxing Service Menu

Facial Waxing
eyebrow :: $25
eyebrow shaping :: $40
brow/lip combo :: $40
full face :: $65
lip :: $20
chin :: $20
sideburns :: $15
cheeks :: $15

Body Waxing
underarms :: $35
half arms :: $45
full arms :: $60
half legs :: $60
full legs :: $90
stomach :: $25

Waxing for Ladies
Brazilian bikini :: $80
extreme bikini :: $65
bikini :: $50

Waxing for Men
back :: $80
chest/stomach :: $80
shoulders :: $20
ears :: $15
nose :: $15


“Best Wax in Dallas”

D Magazine, Best of Big D

“Best Waxing Salons in America”

Total Beauty