Our Story

Our founder, Amy Bohn, began as a massage therapist in her own small spa in Plano, Texas. One of Amy’s clients, who was battling cancer, asked about the ingredients in the spa’s products. Her oncologist suggested avoiding parabens, as they are thought to be an environmental cause of cancer. Amy began to research and discovered that many of her spa products did contain parabens and other potentially harmful ingredients.

At that point, we made a promise. We wanted to provide a safe and healthy spa experience for all of our clients, to source only the best and purest organic products, and to ensure that everything within our spa was good for the skin, the body, and the environment. We decided to become a truly organic spa, focusing only on clean ingredients, and becoming green and organic from top to bottom. We discontinued the use of all artificial colors or fragrances and all parabens in our products. And with that, Spa Habitat was born.

Over time we began to discover that even our “organic” partners weren’t being completely truthful or transparent about ingredients. So we decided to create our own plant-powered, remedy-based line of beautiful organic spa products. Amy worked for years with an organic chemist and an herbalist to develop Clovertree Apothecary, handmade in Texas, and used exclusively in all of our spa services.

Today, Spa Habitat is a true leader in the organic spa industry, providing a unique Farm to Spa® experience, offering relaxing massages, beneficial organic facials, luxurious body wraps and scrubs, and safe and efficient hair removal, all in a relaxed, down-to-earth setting. We have been recognized by D Magazine, Organic Spa Magazine, USA Today, and many others for our organic practices and services. We are proud of what we have created, and we hope you enjoy your experience.

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Spa Habitat – Farm to Spa
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