About the Spa

What makes Spa Habitat different from other spas?
There are many elements that make Spa Habitat unique and special: a welcoming environment, amazing service providers, unique seasonal sensory experiences, custom-curated music, and a reclaimed and eco-friendly vibe. But most importantly, we only use premium natural and organic products in all of our spa services.

Why are natural and organic ingredients important?

The last thing you should worry about while relaxing at a spa is whether the products being used in your services might be hazardous to your health. The lotions, oils and skin care products used at most spas contain potentially harmful chemicals, some of which are believed to cause cancer, reproductive or neurological problems. At Spa Habitat, we research every ingredient in every product we use or sell to ensure that it’s safe and beneficial, and that the companies we work with use organic and eco-friendly business practices. You have a choice. Be safe. Choose organic.

Our Standards

Environmentally Friendly Practices
– We use organic or green, eco-friendly blankets, towels, linens and spa robes.
– We use only organic and eco-friendly laundry products and cleaners.
– We use 100% wind power as our energy source whenever possible.
– We use recycled paper for our shopping bags, brochures, and business cards.

Restricted Ingredients
– We will not use or sell products that contain any of the following ingredients: parabens, phthalates, petroleum, sulfates, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, mineral oil, talc, artificial dyes or colors, artificial fragrances, harsh preservatives, other harmful ingredients.
– We will gladly provide a list of all ingredients in every product or service available at our spa. Just ask.

Beneficial Products and Partners

– We only use and sell products that contain only the finest possible organic, natural and beneficial ingredients, and have not been tested on animals.
– We only work with vendors and suppliers that employ eco-friendly and sustainable business practices.
– We support Fair Trade businesses whenever possible.

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